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Company Introduction

       Home appliances automatic control and smart home have stride forward on the path full of hope and hardship for almost 10 years. With the development of home automation, not  only the domestic and foreign customers, but also the manufacturers also facing problems. Whether the performance is stable, the operation simple human nature, if there's any feedback can query, the construction is simple, compatibility and extensibility are more proactive and international standards, reasonable price , and so many questions have been the problems to the smart home company.

       After long-term and unremitting efforts and steady development ,Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd has become a science and technology enterprises which has  marketing, technology research and development, production quality control ,system products supply, intelligent solutions and services integration.

        In the prolonged course of development of smart home, Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd always walk in the forefront of the market, feeling the demand of the market changing, on the merits of the intelligent products on the market, integrated and compatible with the domestic and foreign advanced technology, based on embedded computer system, committed to the stability, two-way communication of smart home technology, communication technology and computer technology products research and development.

        It is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co.,Ltd in 2016. Therefore, TAIYITO will cooperate with you as a completely "intelligence community products and solution provider". We will provide you with overall scheme of "intelligent home, intelligent building, intelligent community" and the related products, to create a perfect Intelligent lifestyle for you. 

       Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd relying on the powerful R&D strength, have produced a series of ZigBee products with independent intellectual property, in line with international standard protocol, super network capacity and the anti-jamming ability of two-way communication function, involving fingerprint locks, lighting, electrical appliances, curtains, window, fresh air, fission air conditioning, infrared electric control; And security alarm system, monitoring system, background music system, visual intercom function of nearly hundred kinds of products, widely used in residential area, household, hotel, office intelligent control system. And provide you with perfect reliable intelligent household, hotel, office lighting electrical automation control project engineering solutions!

        After years of struggle and development, Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd  has been set up distribution, agents sales outlets in many domestic cities, foreign products markets are already rapid expansion in Europe, southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other places.

          Our ultimate goal is to become an international well-known home and block automation products supplier, and a solution provider.

          Our tenet: professional, integrity, customer satisfaction

          Our philosophy: the enterprise maintains the customer benefit, the customer manifests the enterprise value.

          Our design: farther than a customer wants to, update!

          Our quality: product quality zero defect, the pursuit is endless

          Our marketing: win-win

          Our service : trust and rely on, the good faith forever!

        TAIYITO DESIGN CENTER of Taiyito Technology founded in 2006. And it is constituted of some hardware and software R&D engineers who had 5 or 6 year experiences in electric product design in intelligence field. According to comparing with smart products at home or abroad and compatible with the advanced technology and experience of smart home control, as based on the embedded computer system, Tianjin Taiyito Technology Co., Led devotes itself to smart home technology, communication technology and computer technology for stable bi-direction communication. And it regards manufacturing technology and products, which are first class and meet the customers’ requirement, as its responsibility.

       Taiyito Design Center has efficient and precise organization, clear and reasonable R&D processes; normative and canonical methods for outdated, inspection and testing. It has senior engineers, who has about ten years experiences in electron industry field and many years in smart home field, in the machine, structure, mould, software, hardware, technology and process fields. And they have particular view for the material selection, canonical and scientific process and assembly. R&D design electro circuit is its proud specialty. Engineers of Taiyito design center can complete the product’s manufacture under the purpose of high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality, whether the work is from simple module electro circuit to complicated radio frequency and coding &decoding electro circuit, or simple single chip micyoco (SCM) software program to complicated huge embedded system. 

Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

         Tianjin Taiyito Technology Co., Ltd cooperated with Tianjin Electrical Components Group Third Component Company to exert both special advantages: specious and ordering jointing process workshop; well-trained, high-efficiency management team and staff, who regard the quality weightier than Mount Tai; precise, unified and advanced process instrument and equipment; canonical, scientific and normative technical process; conscientious and meticulous operating system and quality standard; passed relative quality standard and quality authentication many times. All these above measure can assure high-quality and high-output millions electrical product monthly. 

        Taiyito Design center and manufacture process institution regard creating international advanced smart home technology as its target, and develop towards this realizable target step by step. It devotes itself to make people living more niceness and fashion.

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