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Intelligent configuration scheme for apartment with 4 rooms and 2 halls

Intelligent configuration scheme for apartment  with 4 rooms and 2 halls

1.Smart Home DescriptionSmart home automation can put all kinds of electrical equipment together in the family through the technology of ZigBee, so as to realize the intelligent terminals remote control of the home appliances, centralized intelligent terminals control, telephone remote control, the control of different scenes of life, infrared sensor control and programmable timing control, and so on in a mobile phone or tablet, thus improving the home life’s security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize an environmental and energy-saving living environment .As an international standard protocol, ZigBee technology is widely used in smart home communication platform, with four major advantages:1. High anti-interference ability:ZigBee transceiver module uses a 2.4G Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology, and has a better anti-interference ability compared with digital radio in FSK, ASK and frequency hopping.2. Better security:ZigBee could offer data integrity checking and authentication function, using a universal AES-128 in encryption algorithm, and up to 128-bit passwords provides a guarantee of confidentiality to ZigBee signal transmission3. Fast transmission:ZigBee often uses short frame to transmit data. Therefore, it has a fast transmission and a strong instantaneity.4. Strong expansibility:ZigBee is easy to network, with a strong self-recovery capability, low power consumption, and also easy to add new equipment.

2. Solution DescriptionAs for villa houses users, due to the fully functional requirements and a lot of electrical equipment in a large regional area, we need manage and control intensively. Therefore, villa users urgently need to have a complete integrated system to manage each child system of villa uniformly, scientifically, and automatically. TAIYITO smart home automation system pioneers to put the security alarm systems, surveillance systems, video intercom systems, lighting electrical systems (lighting, lock, TV, air conditioning, floor heating, gas valve, fenestration, etc.), background music systems, air purification and health environmental management system and other intelligent systems into a entirety, truly integrating every electrical household to a controllable set.

3. Functions can be realizedI.   IOS / Android client-side control requirementsWhen you have a smart phone or tablet computer with Android or IOS operating system, after installing TAIYITO client software (named TYTsmart), it is transformed into a family controller, and then you can easily use the IOS and Android device to control and view your home appliances and security.

II.   high encryption multi-function voice telephone remote control functionWhen you go on a business trip or out of home, you can control the curtains, lights, electrical appliances by mobile phones and fixed-line telephones. Take air conditioner for example: you can make a phone call to let it begins to cool 20 minutes before you go off duty. So when you return home, cold air in summer makes you feel fashionable and comfortable! You can also use multi - functional remote controller to check the state of the electrical appliance. As long as you have a remote controller installed in your house, any phone becomes a controller, and then you can turn on or off the heating apparatus in the living room.

III. timing control functionYou often need to open or close some electrical appliances at a certain time. Every time you need to find the switches, and it is unable to achieve if go out. But if you use our TAIYITO smart home system, you can easily set time to open or close certain products. For example: you can set the electric water heater automatically to open 20:30am and off at 23:30am at every night. It can ensure that you enjoy the hot water bath and bring you energy-saving, comfortable and fashionable experience at the same time. Of course, the time setting of automatic opening and closing of electric curtain is nothing difficult.

IV. centralized control functionHave you ever imagined such a switch that can facilitate the centralized control of home appliances and equipment? TAIYITO smart home system will integrate your home appliances and devices into a whole, so you can control the lights and the appliances of the living room, dining room, kitchen, and toilet in the entrance door. Especially at night, you can control the lights of the living room and bathroom when you in bed, and also check the working status of the appliances, which is convenient and safe.

V. scene featuresWhen you get up in the morning, as long as you click on the corresponding scene switch, the curtain, the water heater will automatically open in your house. It not only saves your time, but also liberates your hands. TAIYITO smart home system can define the scene mode as you need by integrating different appliances and lights, and each scene mode can be defined as different display effect. When you touch the button, several kinds of lighting, electrical appliances will automatic perform in your "magic hands", letting you really enjoy the perfect and simplicity of science and technology fashionable life

VI. network remote monitoring control functionIf your smart home system has installed the relevant camera, no matter where you are, in the office or other place, you can log into the control interface of TYTsmart Application at any time to view and control your appliances, and also have a full range of monitoring anywhere in the house, letting you master the situation your house.

VII. security alarm function   Security system is an indispensable part in the smart home system, and TAIYITO technology has cooperated with the domestic famous and professional manufacturers by the international standards and technical agreement, providing our customers with mature and stable “security cornerstone ". Whether you are at home or outside, intelligent security system allows you to grasp the real situation of the home at anytime and anywhere by mobile phones, more conveniently and quickly and you can be more relieved to go out. For example, when you leave home, pressing the “all protection key” on the mobile phone, security system is so simple to be activated; If the gas leak in the house, our intelligent security system allows you to remove trouble at home, because it will automatically turn off the gas valve, open the window and also can dial telephone to inform your mobile phone or fire corps at the same time. Functions of the smart security system can also be configured randomly according to your requirements. There are two-way choice of cable protection zones and wireless sectors, and the installation is so simple that allows you to achieve full intelligent security systems.

VIII. background music control functionHome video equipment includes many devices, such as TV sets, power amplifier, classics, DVD, background music, and each product is equipped with its remote controller. To control these devices, you need to find the corresponding remote controller, which is not very convenient to operate. However, if connect the AV equipment into our smart home system, by using the "TYTsmart" application on your smartphone or tablet, not only can you easily control the intelligent AV equipment in the system, but also you can adjust the light patterns, the temperature of the room and so on, building an different atmosphere of music, enjoying the perfection of audio-visual feast from the technology.

IX: visual intercom   If you are not at home, when visitors come, the system will automatically capture and store visitors’ images, for your convenient inquiry and contact afterwards; When you are at home, in the meanwhile of visual intercom with outside visitor, the visit record of the store system will enhance the security protection. In “no-disturb” mode, it can save the time of call records, and the management machine has no limit on the call.

X. Smart Monitoring FunctionNo matter you are in home or not, you can control the condition of your home through the phone at any time. You can also talk remotely with the monitored person. The smart monitoring system is easy to operate and safe to use. For example, when you left and someone broke into your home, the camera will send the captured image to your phone and let you know the “INFORMATION” at first time.

Description of the Product Performance:a. The appliance does not need special wiring;b. It needs to reserve null line in the 86 wiring box on the wall;c. The Working Voltage: 95VAC-240VAC;d. The products support wired TCP/IP port or wireless WiFi port;e. Operating Ambient Temperature: -5℃~50℃.

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