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Fresh Air Regulation—24 hours adjustment to make you healthy and comfortable

Fresh Air Regulation—24 hours adjustment to make you healthy and comfortable

Your requirements:

Fresh air will not be the unreasonable demands for every one. In the spring, summer or winter, it does not overstate the weather especially in the north cities as ‘sand flying about and stones hurting through the air’. In that situation, do you dare to open the window to exchange the air? Even in good weather, it is not good for your health as opening the window at night.

Is there a machine, which can exchange the fresh air timely (to filter the air outside and scavenge the air indoor) but not open the window all day?

How to configure the products to realize these functions?

Only select our product as bellow to realize the above functions.

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Install Fan-speed Timing Controller in the 86-type switch of drawing-room or bedroom, need remain naught wire and live wire (two pieces), electricity wires for top gear, bottom gear of the ‘Fresh Air’ mainframe. (Top gear wire, Bottom gear wire, Naught wire)

‘Fresh Air’ Mainframe: install it on the roof of the drawing-room,toilet and other rooms before finishing roofing, have three wires to combine with Fan-speed Timing Controller.

Install the relative ventilating flue on the roof of relative rooms before finishing roofing


According to your living habit, you can set auto exchange air every three hours (exchange air for 30 minutes and rest three hours) by using the timing function of Fan-speed timing controller. Fresh and healthy accompany with you automatically all the time.

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