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Timing & Phone Controlled Electric Curtain

Timing & Phone Controlled Electric Curtain 

Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

The Function You demand:

The new house’ s windows are getting bigger and bigger to get better lighting effect, But we also have to open and close the curtain at less than two times everyday.

Can you make this tedious homely things into a simple job?For example, the curtain can be opened and closed automatically by mobile phone(Android or IOS) when you are watching the TV or having a rest.

It is very convenient if curtain can be timing closured every day.

Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd


Network remote control server (TDZ6617)is preferably mounted in the middle of your room, so as to reduce the interference caused by shield and so on, so that the signal has good reception  

Centralized Controller could be placed on the traditional 86-type switch location and requires null line and the wire

Install the Curtain switch module near the curtain at the place where you had installed the 86-type switch box, naught wire and live wire


According to your living customs, control your electrical appliance by the centralized timing Controller,like Auto turn off the water heater at 21:30 every night;  

You can easily inquire about the on/off status of the electrical appliance upstairs and turn them on/off by Wall-Switch Centralized Controller

Meanwhile, you can open/close the curtain and other electrical appliances easily by mobile phone or tablet when you are watching the TV or have a rest.

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