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Remote monitoring, unlocking- convenient and safe

Remote monitoring, unlocking- convenient and safe

Your requirements:

In the fast paced modern life, we often locked our families or ourselves out of the door because of negligence or some special reasons, feeling anxious, resulting in a very troublesome subsequent work to unlock.

In the busy work, we may suddenly receive a phone call from the family to tell us that they are kept in the outside can't enter the room, embarrassment is self-evident if we could not help them immediately, If this time we can remote security and video watching open door lock of our house, it would be great for your family

You may be always thinking about your children and relatives in the family, and a set of rooms in the villa of the distance

So why not install a set of network remote monitoring equipment in the bedroom or living room, watching your home situation at any time (Power supply for network camera can be opened and closed remotely according to your needs intelligently, which is very security)

How to configure the products, the functions can be realized :

To realize the functions of the above you only need the following TaiYiTo company’s products:

Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd


Network remote monitor be installed in front of where you want watch within 20m, generally on the porch, living room, balconies and other locations! Reserve power to install smart appliance socket and supply power for network remote monitor ; you can use wireless, or for the quality of the video signal lines need to be reserved.

The installation intelligent fingerprint code remote lock is very simple, versatile.

The power near the door reserved to install intelligent fingerprint lock switches, intelligent fingerprint lock can be remote controlled.

Network remote control server is preferably mounted in the middle of your room, so as to reduce the interference caused by shield and so on, so that the signal has good reception


If you have Installed smart APP on your phone,you can always open the home network camera’s power anytime;Later, the images of the family living room or entrance will be spread on your smart phone, it is also very easy to open and close the door for the family.

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