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The security system in smart home

The security system in smart home 

Smart home is more than a "system" concept. What it gives the customer is not a single product or a single function of simple isolated operation! What it shows to the customer shall include:

1. Intelligent lighting, electrical appliances, curtains...System

2. Intelligent security system;

3. Intelligent monitoring system;

4. Intelligent AV system;

5. Intelligent visual intercom system;

6. Intelligent healthy energy-saving safety environmental protection system

Such a mature, stable, perfect system, it can't be manufactured by a company alone. Professional people do the professional things. Based on the international standard Zigbee technical agreement, and also because of its maturity, stability, high transmission rate, large capacity system, low power consumption and so many characteristics of high quality, it makes the integration of many smart home system advantaged resources. Having been experienced in the smart home system for nearly 10 years, Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., LTD will make professional dedication for you.

Intelligent Security systems:

 Security systems is indispensable in the home automation system concept, it is a very mature, comprehensive product line, which includes a host of security and many other security detectors; Based on standard international protocol, TAIYITO technology cooperates with well-known domestic professional security manufacture to provide customers with a full stable and mature foundation.

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Smart security system can realize below functions:

Arm all: all zones will be armed and will be finished by one key

Disarm all: all zones will be disarmed  and will be finished by one key

Arm at home(choosing arm):can be armed as per your needs.If there are some zones  no need Arm,then you can choose this and when have some security alerts,it  will not alarm

Arm emergency: when have emergency,press this button of “arm emergentcy”,you can get people out and automatically dial to alarm(some provide cannot realize this function)

Telephone Arm: After you setting well the arm zones, security host will dial or send message to the numbers you had set well before

How to realize intelligent security function in smart home automation system?

It only needs RS zigbee-485 interface between Smart security system and our smart home automation system.Zigbee-485 takes wireless zigbee technology,no need leave wires can connect and work with Zigbee gateway(TDZ6617)。

No matter you are at home or outside,you can track the house’ conditions at anytime and anywhere.Smart security make you to operate more convenient,more confidence. For example,when you are away from home,press the key of “all arm.If a gas leak at home,our smart security system can automatly turn off the gave value,open the windows,at meanwhile,it also will dial to your phone or fire brigade.

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