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Smart Home Decoration Configuration

Smart Home Decoration Configuration --- 

making your home full of fashion and modernity to enjoy more convenient and comfortable life

1.Smart Home Description:

Smart home automation can put all kinds of electrical equipment together in the family through the technology of ZigBee, so as to realize the intelligent terminals remote control of the home appliances, centralized intelligent terminals control, telephone remote control, the control of different scenes of life, infrared sensor control and programmable timing control, and so on in a mobile phone or tablet, thus improving the home life’s security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize an environmental and energy-saving living environment .As an international standard protocol, ZigBee technology is widely used in smart home communication platform, with four major advantages:1. High anti-interference ability:ZigBee transceiver module uses a 2.4G Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology, and has a better anti-interference ability compared with digital radio in FSK, ASK and frequency hopping.2. Better security:ZigBee could offer data integrity checking and authentication function, using a universal AES-128 in encryption algorithm, and up to 128-bit passwords provides a guarantee of confidentiality to ZigBee signal transmission3. Fast transmission:ZigBee often uses short frame to transmit data. Therefore, it has a fast transmission and a strong instantaneity.4. Strong expansibility:ZigBee is easy to network, with a strong self-recovery capability, low power consumption, and also easy to add new equipment.

2, Description of the Configuration

    Due to the user's housing units, function requirements, family members, etc., we can carry out personal customized configuration. According to the user's willing, there can be 3types for choice: the comfortable one, the experiential one and the distinguished one, completely modern and personalized. TAIYITO intelligent home system has lunched the smart home decoration configuration for you, covering the entrance, living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and so on. It integrates security alarm system, monitoring system, video intercom system, lighting electrical system, background music system and other intelligent system, allowing users to enjoy the "green life" and experience the real convenience of technology.

3.the smart package for you to achieve the following functions:

1.Easily click on the phone,it can achieve smart control for light and other devices . 

2.In morning , the curtain will be open automatically, the music up as the timing ,a new day has come . 

3.After having a breakfast ,it remind you go to work when the music stopped . 

4. Press the " All OFF " button , all devices will be closed . 

5. Anywhere ,you can check any devices work status for home . 

6.Press turn off lights and appliance through APP on the phone outside when you forget to turn off lights and appliance in your home.

7.After going back home, you can open the door , disarm the security system, turn on the light, open the curtain, and open the background music system together by your phone, it can depend on your requirement.

8.When you sleep, just touch the switch "sleep" scene that can arm the security system, turn of the lights, appliance, curtain.

9.When you are not in the home, you can arm the security system and monitor your home all the time.

10.Family and treasure are very import for everyone, if somebody broke in, you can get alarm information from your phone, at the same time, you can get the proof from the camera.

Description of the Product Performance:a.The appliance does not need special wiring;b.It needs to reserve null line in the 86 wiring box on the wall;c. The Working Voltage: 95VAC-240VAC;d.The products support wired TCP/IP port or wireless WiFi port;e.Operating Ambient Temperature: -5℃~50℃.

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