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Support for Dealer&Agent


I. Product Support for Show Room

Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd. assures to provide the qualified products to the agents timely, and a set of full-featured standard model products with the most preferential prices, assisting municipal agents and distributors to do marketing business. As to the Project exhibition hall and the show room, our company will provide a set of most comprehensive products at the cost price  

II. Sales Support

1. TAIYITO will cooperate with the agents and distributors to carry out marketing work actively, help distributors to develop business development plans and marketing programs, and provide appropriate supports and services.

2. TAIYITO will implement strict management policies, to help agents and distributors at all levels to control the local market price, and then effectively protect agent's rights and interests.

3. TAIYITO can provide quantitative product brochures, promotional pictures and other promotional materials free of charge.

4. TAIYITO can provide door-to-door technology support service and marketing training for the first installation of the show room. Completely and systematically providing product knowledge training and marketing training, effectively improve the ability of marketing, solution solving, product sales, and aftersales service of the agent.

5. TAIYITO actively support and cooperate with the local agent to run the various marketing activities, supporting all levels of agents and distributors to participate in all kinds of project biddings, assisting agents to visit key customers, formulating specific engineering plans and so on.

6. TAIYITO will provide the sales opportunity that Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd obtained to all the related regional agents and distributors, and initiatively help the user to contact their area agents and distributors directly as soon as possible.


III. Marketing Support

1. Our company will advertise and market in the national or regional public media, related industry exhibition independently.

2. Our company will make a unified demo board to the agents and distributors at the cost price.

3. Our website of Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd(www.taiyito.com) will be used as the main communication tool of all levels of agents and distributors, and link to the website of all levels of agents and distributors.

4. Our company will support all the agents and distributors on their advertisement, promotion, exhibition and other activities. The detailed plan shall be submitted by the distributors and negotiated by both parties.


IV. Technical and Service Support

1. TAIYITO will provide pre-sale technical support and after-sale service at any time.

2. TAIYITO will provide technical and plan-making training for all agents and distributors.

3. TAIYITO provides 1-year free warranty to all the products.


V. For other discounts or supports, please contact our TAIYITO Sales Department for more details.

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