Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd 


Policy for Dealer&Agent

Conditions of Agents and Distributors

1. Approve the marketing concept and intelligent product of Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and market development ability.

2. Has experience in system integrators, decoration companies, commercial real estate projects, security and video intercom dealers, estate management enterprises, stereos, air purification and water purification agent, home appliances agents, building materials retailers or some customers with relevant experience.

3. Has a good reputation and technical service ability, like technology and sales staff with the professional training technology and sales staff.

4. With a good social relationship and financial strength, also has a certain sales network and channels.

5. With complete Business license and tax registration documents, has an independent legal personality

6. Shall regularly organize at least twice promotions within a year, with the ability to convene at least 20 local companies to participate the renovation promotion, also responsible for the selected venue and the venue layout, etc.

7. Shall strictly be in accordance with the requirements of Party A to set up its own showroom in local place.


Authorization Steps for Agents and Distributors

1.Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd will contact you and offer you the product information, official price list and Distribution Agency Agreement.

2. The both parties negotiate details of the agreement and visit each other.

3. Settle down the Distribution Agency Agreement.

4. First order should be the beginning of the formal distributor.

5.Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd provides technical training, sales training, project planning and installation direction for the distributors.

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