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New APP of TYT home automation

2016-11-07 18:15:07 taiyito Read

New APP of TYT home automation

    TYT home automation APP have upgraded to TYTsmart2.0 version. After upgrading, the function are more complete and easy to operate, the interface is more clear and better.


    After logging software, “House、CBD、Hotel” for you to choose to make your life better.


    With practical experience , the floor setting include “ground “ and “ underground “for new APP version ;

    After the floors set successfully ,it can add the room in every floor . the room setting become humanity , more room types for reference ,and match with the simple image 


    Adding the devices to every room in APP , it’s variety for devices and function , only click it to add successfully .

    More function to set in the “personal Center” ,there is more functions to choose in the  “function model setting” .

    New TAIYITO Home Automation APP can make the scene setting more diverse and more convenient to operate. The users just need to add the corresponding electrical equipment to make a scene,and then set for the scene is OK.


    For example,before you go back home, you can start the At Home Scene by remote control: the curtain in the living room will get close slowly, the gentle lights will automatically open, the comfortable and relax music will echoed throughout the room, and water heater in the bathroom will automatically open... ... All of these are in a quiet waiting for your return, which is just to make you,a whole day overworked person relax and enjoy your happy life.


     You can download APP of android version from TAIYITO website: www.taiyito.com you can search “TYTVST” from APP store for IOS version.This upgrade brings more selective and playability, it is very convenient for smart home, you will find more surprise when you download our APP.


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