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    TDX4467 Automated manual electric curtain motor

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDX4467 Automated manual electric curtain motorMajor Features and Functions:It is controlled product, and suitable for straight track for flat-open curtain or drapery.Features:It can be easily use und

    1. Detailed information
    TDX4467 Automated manual electric curtain motor

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd


    Major Features and Functions:
    It is controlled product, and suitable for straight track for flat-open curtain or drapery.


    It can be easily use under two states including power supply (automatic) and power-off (manual).

    Easy installation. It stops at the designated position instead of setting stroke.

    Poly-aluminum transmission belt, track is Aluminum alloy, very good quality.

    Can work independently, or simple remote controller, or use in intelligently system.

    This Motor’s quality is super; the curtain drapery is between 10 meters 35 Kg is ok

    Installation position:

    Normally install curtain motor on the track left or right( on the window left or right), together with the curtain track fix on the roof.Pls prepare the standard 86 style box to supply the power for the motor.Normally,you need prepare box A and box B, From the roof down,about 20—30cm,put box A.And keep three wire in box A which is foreward wire, reversal wire and Zero line.From the ground,,about 1.3meter---1.5meter,put box B as local switch.And keep the wire of 220VAC and the three power supply wire into box B.Between box A and box B,there are three wire to connect together.

    In addtion, if it need install curtain box, it must be sure the width of curtain box is 9cm for single curtain track, 18cm for double curtain track.

     The relative matching product:

    1. The matched product in zigbee home automation system.

    Firstly,it need work together with TDWZ4466M zigbee electric curtain switch ,TDWZ6617 web gateway controller and smartphone or tablet(IOS;Android).  So that you can control the electric roller from Internet.

    It work with TDWZ6406 central wall-type controller, so that you can control the electric roller with scene function.

    It work with TDWZ6628 telephone controller,so that you can control the electric roller with telephone voice call.

    2.  Independently remote control products:

    You can use TDX4465 Curtain independently 3-way remote controller and TDX4464 Curtain independent controller can realize the function of independently remote control

    3. In PLC system the bellowed products are all can work with it together:

    Use TDXE6648+ 48 Key LCD remote controller or TDXE6671 TFT Touch-screen remote controller and TDXE6438+ the transceiver together to realize the remote control of the curtain, if use the telephone controller or web controller can realize the function of long distance control etc.

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Function description:

    after install the curtain motor and related products, you can realize the bellowed functions:

    1.  You can open /close the electric roller with remote controller (smartphone or tablet,IOS or Android) at any place in your house,also you can check the work status of the electric roller on the controller.

    2.  If you are on the way home, you can make a call first to turn off the curtain.

    3.  If you travel for business, you can control your home other lamps and appliance by web controller.

    4.  This curtain motor module also can accept Scene control: for example, you only touch one key you can open the TV, water heater, and close the curtain in the same time.

    5.  Can accept the timing control.

    And also no need to choose above big function, just use a mini remote controller to control this curtain.








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