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    TDXG330(Z116B) Bronze Fingerprint Code Remote Control Door Lock

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDXZ116B(bronze)   Bronze Fingerprint  Code Remote Control Door Lock Main used and control function:It is controlled product, can be use in PLC and ZigBee systems, accept different cont

    1. Detailed information

    TDXG330(Z116B)   Bronze Fingerprint  Code Remote Control Door Lock




    Main used and control function:

    It is controlled product, can be use in PLC and ZigBee systems, accept different control ways, such as remote control, telephone control, web control etc, and of course it also can work independently.Can fixed with burglarproof door, wooden door, office door etc, have four ways to open the lock, remote control, password control, fingerprint control and the key.Have the normally door set open function, in the door lock back have a small button for the lock, turn it to right, it will be always open; if you want to lock the door, in the door just turn that small button left, the door is closed

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    Installation:Compatible with various type of the door, very easy and convenient for you to install it on the new door or old one, suitable for home, office, commercial building, hotel etc

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    Function description:Remote control(smartphone or tablet;IOS or Android): when you are taking a nap someone ringing your bell, if you want to let him in, just press open key, the guest can come in.Telephone long distance control: when you are outside your friends come to see you; if very important files outside the office when you are not in; at this very moment, just make a call, the door will be open.Checking working statues: even you are not at home, you can make a call to check the door is open or closed.Open style: can open by mobile, telephone, fingerprint, password, key etc methods, according to your own demand, just choose the one which you like.More safe: lock core made by stainless steel avoid for pried, sawing, cutting etc; password made by 6-15 code, 43 billion numeral rolling-code, unable to unlock the numeral rolling-code remote controlled key lets those technique opener attempts nothing, which makes the lock have powerful performance to protect any house.Reliable performance: open and shut lock framework both adopt 100 thousands non-attrited electric organ. Electronic processing system adopts US Microchip Company, thereby assures of the stabilization and security of quality.Application Range: Special function can be chosen by users, which can be gratified by all users. It is a real high-tech electronic lock, which can be used by all kinds of places, such as finance, cultural relic, enterprises and institutions, offices, hotels, home and indoor rooms.

    Matching products:This product is an essential condition to help you realize the function that fingerprint lock to be controlled under the whole smart home automation system combined with some relevant products such as the fingerprint lock switch TDZ4488M. In this way, it can receive and executive the order from remote control and telephone control.Smart phone, Pad remote control or telephone remote control: When you receive a visit from your good friends or your families come home, you just need to flick an open switch which has been set up already on you smart phone or Ipad if you are busy with something else just like cooking, washing and so on, then the door will open automatically which saves your time or troubles. Other conditions such as your relatives or friends come to visit you when you are on a business trip, an important document need to be fetched when you are out of office and even some other emergencies in which you cannot come in time can be solved with this product. You just only need to dial a phone call and input the lock code, the door will open automatically

    Features:1. Just press one button can open the door by a remote controller, also have the passwords and tradition key to open the door.2. Can set up with 12 remote controllers, and have 6 different passwords by 6-15 numbers combination.3. Set the numeral ciphers through rolling by remote controller, can open hundreds of locks.4. Adopts US Microchip Company Keelop technology HCS301 chip, thereby assures of the stabilization and security of quality.5. Remote control passwords progress rolling, set by 4.3 billion different password can open the door for 18 years.6. Setting and delete by management code, add remote control and remote controller’s base.7. If forgot the management code, have the function for reset, no need to take off the lock.8. Getting back the lost code: if the numeral rolling-code remote controller is set to open several locks, the unusual key is never opened, it will lose the code. When it happens, please simultaneity push the key a & d of the remote controller. Then the system will work itself. The remote controller can be used as usual.9. Wireless electric braking every direction can open the door, in the house or office just press the remote controller.10. Have the alarming function, if cracked incorrectly 3 times continuously, it will sounds the alert and lock the keyboard.11. Low power consumption, wireless 150uA, inside the metal can receive and transmitter signal.12. Under pressure prompt: when working voltage under 4.8V, red light scintilla alarming and you still can open the door.13. Various type, have the one which have the burglarproof lock, double lock core with channel lock fastener.14. The lock clutch, lock machinery are all made by steel, very durable.15. Open and shut lock framework both adopt 100 thousand non-attrited electric organ.16. Stainless steel shell, stainless steel lock panel and lock core, more reliable.

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    1. Making a confirmation that your door is left open or right open:Regarding the door spindle as the reference substance, you should stand outside when unlock the door. If your door spindle (hinge) lies on your left, we call this kind of door as the left open and vice versa. 
    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd
    2. Making a confirmation that whether your door has a heaven and the earth pole or lock or not.When lock the security door, you should not only extend the spring bolt and close the door, but also lock the door both at upward and downward at the same time through linking the heaven and the earth pole to the purpose of a better anti-theft effect. So we called this kind of door has the heaven and the earth pole which has connecting rod both in upward and download side.3. Making a confirmation that the size accurately as follows: The key cylinder should be fixed in the place which four- screw away from the side of the door as the following picture:

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    4. After finishing the installment of lock, firstly you should open the door to check that whether the lock can be used normally, then close the door and check it again.Notice: When you check the conditions of the door, someone need to stay in the room to avoid the unnecessary trouble because the operator usually unfamiliar to the lock.

    Weight(g) & Size:Gross weight: 2590gpackage size: 330*185*110mm
    Warning:The first time you open the package to remove the lock, please don’t install the battery to set on any system or use the key to check the lock. The right thing you should do at first is that install the lock on the door and fix it well, then you can install the battery and set up the lock correctly or inserted the key to have a test.Notes: On specific information about installment and operation, please see the operating manual .Warm prompt: Four 1.5v alkaline batteries need to be installed in this fingerprint lock .To ensure an extended-capacity time and quality, please buy brand name battery.  

    Connection drawing:

    Note: more detail and operations please find in manual.

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