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    TDXLG - Screw type electric window opener

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDXLG - Screw type electric window opener                                             &nbs

    1. Detailed information

    TDXLG - Screw type electric window opener        

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    Main used and control function:1. It used in bidirectional ZIGBEE system,accept the out Put Voltage from TDZ4464 touch screen window opener  to control Positive inversion of electric opener motor.Then finish window open or close and other intelligent functions.2. It can work independently and does not work in home automation system.Though independenly control switch to realize the window open and close.

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    The worm type electric window opener motor can control sash window or installing on roof of window.
    Insallation: (Note: Be sure to do networking before installation. )Because it is used for horizontal pushing window,so it can be installed bottom board or up board and leave2 pieces of  86 type switch box under window or up window.One of switch box leave Naught wire and live wire to power for TDZ4464.The other one connect 86 type of socket panel to power for window opener motor.

    Matching products:

    1. When used in the smart housing system, the window opener switch TDZ4464 need to be installed from Tai yi tong technology co., LTD.2. When used independently, it only needs to install one independent window opener.
    Product features:1. Quick and easy installment2. Low voltage24V power supply to insurance safety.3 The trip limit is free.4 The driving structure is fully closed with internal thread which has a better sealing ability and much more suitable for dusty environment.5. It has good-looking appearance with straight rod type shape and the sheave diameter is 43mm.

    Related parameters:

    1. Voltage: AC220V, DC24V2. Rated power: 50W3. Max force: 1000N/2000N4. speed: 5mm / S5. Travel distance: 400,550,750,1000 mm, etc.6. Travel protection: electronic overload mode7. Temperature environment: -25 - 85 ℃8. Life:> 10,000 times9. Protection grade: IP6510. Pole material: stainless steel11. Power cable: DC24V, Power cable with three cords.

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