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    TDXFY Wind sensor and rain sensor monitoring

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDXFY  -  Wind sensor and rain sensor monitoringMain applications:Wind, rain and light sensor can monitor changing weather and it can send out the scene control instructions smartly through

    1. Detailed information

    TDXFY  -  Wind sensor and rain sensor monitoring

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Main applications:

    Wind, rain and light sensor can monitor changing weather and it can send out the scene control instructions smartly through monitor the strength of wind and light and the rain volume, which can realize a series of defense action to close all the windows when encounter the wind and rain.

    Main functions:

    You can match the wind/light/rain sensor scene control switch to set the action when it is rained or wind such as closing the window, curtain, and open the light. When it rained outside, the system would close the window, curtain and so on automatically.

    Installation site:

    As the general rule, the wind, light, rain sensor is installed in the eaves outside the door. It needs to take the line (four-core) of the wind/rain sensor in the 86 cassette of the scene switch in the room. A 86 cassette need to be reserved in the place higher the ground 1.4m in which 220V zero fire line need also to be reserved. The scene switch has four thin line to link with the four core line of the wind/ rain sensor.

    Matching products:

    The matching products includes network controller TDWZ6617 or TDWZ6618、TDWZ6405 wind/rain sensor scene switch.

    Product features:

    1. This system has the many features such as humanized and intelligence design, low noise, running smoothly, flexible installation method and so on.

    2. Wind/light/rain sensor carries out rain-protection structure design plan, and the wind sensor dual-bearing structure to insure sensitive wind sensor. Many advanced design has already got the relevant patents.

    3. The housing material is Anti-UV which accords to outdoor using conditions.

    4. The rotating scale on the housing material is laser radiation, so the image is more clear and durable.

    5. The three installation ways can be chosen freely.

    Related parameters:

    1. wind/light/rain sensor operating voltage: DC12V (220V Power cord adapter.)

    2. wind/light/rain sensor operating temperature: -20℃-850℃

    3. wind/light/rain sensor operating frequency: 433.92MHz

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