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    TDXKYA Central air-condition thermostat-KY

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDXKYA    Central air-condition thermostat-KYMain use:Suitable for the central air-conditioning temperature control at home or in office room, air conditioning thermostat built in the probe

    1. Detailed information

    TDXKYA    Central air-condition thermostat-KY

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Main use:

    Suitable for the central air-conditioning temperature control at home or in office room, air conditioning thermostat built in the probe to detect the indoor temperature and air conditioning thermostat temperature contrast, to control the end of the fan coil air conditioning and electric two-way valve / electric valve, so as to achieve a constant temperature within the room equipment, comfort and save energy at the same time

    You can choose to use inTAIYITO smart home system or use independently

    1: In TAIYITO smart home system, you can directly use mobile phones, tablet PCs and other wireless terminal devices to control heating thermostat .

    2: You can also use independently of the smart home system, directly use of the mini remote controller .


    1: The directly use the TYTSmart software mobile terminals in mobile terminal in the heating thermostat switch for air conditioning thermostat in the cooling, heating, wind speed, temperature regulation, and other functions to operate.

    2, with power off  memory function, power off data is not lost, and thermostat operating in accordance with the parameters before the power failure

    3, temperature calibration, temperature display values and probe measurements can be calibrated and temperature compensated

    The relative matching product:

    1. It combine with the TDWZ485-KY-CAC AC thermostat controller , which can bring temperature controlling function from the zigbee home automation system.

    2. It also combine with the TDWZ6436 Zigbee 360°IR Transceiver from the zigbee home automation system, the IR code of AC thermostat controller need set up with the IR Transceiver,the distance of IR Transceiver transmit is 8 M from IR Transceiver to floor -heating thermostat controller

    Insallation and wiring:

    1 AC thermostat controller:

    It was installed in the standard 86type wire-box from the ground 1.4m, There need reserve the the null wire and fire wire,open valve line,closed valve line, ventilation blowers line ( 2 line, the low wind speed, sustained wind speed or high wind speed) RS-485 module output lines( two weak electrical wiring)

    2.TDWZ485-KY-CAC module:

    It was installed nearby AC thermostat controller,or the back of AC thermostat controller(the standard 86 type junction box had better slot deeply). The the null wire and fire wire need reserve in advance, it connect RS-485 module output lines

    3.If you choosed the Zigbee IR Transceiver, it reserve the 10A socket on the opposite wall of the AC thermostat controller.


    1 large LCD screen display.

    2. 4 wind speed modes setting: automatic, low, medium and high.

    3. The automatic wind status, it can show the actual wind speed.

    4. can be connected with three wire electric valve (two-way or three), and is compatible with two-wire electric valve, solenoid valve or damper.

    5. temperature display range: -40 ℃ ~ 70.0 ℃, temperature display resolution: 0.5 ℃, the temperature error is less than ± 0.5 ℃.

    6. With sleep function, room temperature is comfortable, economical energy saving.

    7. Power off memory, can remember work status before power off, automatically restored working condition.

    8. Room temperature correction: Correct room temperature by buttons directly.

    9. Fan controlled anti-condensation feature, any state after closing valves continue to operate 30 s low wind stopped, or not controlled functions

    10. Remote control, optional remote control.


    1 Rated voltage: 220VAC (1 ± 10%), 50 / 60Hz;

    2. Power consumption:<1.5W;

    3 Load current:<5A (resistive load);

    4 Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃ (1-10 adjustable);

    5 Temperature range: 5.0 ℃ (0-25 adjustable) ~ 35.0 ℃ (25-85 adjustable);

    6. Dimensions: 86mm × 86 mm × 13mm (panel: height × width × thickness);

    7. materials and colors: white PC / ABS flame retardant material (color can be customized).

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