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    TDZ4462M 120Zigbee Touch Screen Mechanical Arm Switch

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDZ4462M  120Zigbee Touch Screen Mechanical Arm SwitchMain used and control function:It is used in bidirectional Zigbee system, receiving wireless ZigBEE 2.4G control signals, and can send relate

    1. Detailed information

    TDZ4462M  120Zigbee Touch Screen Mechanical Arm Switch

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Main used and control function:

    It is used in bidirectional Zigbee system, receiving wireless ZigBEE 2.4G control signals, and can send related communication signals, it belongs to controlled products. TDZ4462M 120manipulator switch, specially designed and used to control pipeline valve then realize pipeline system intelligent control.

    The relative matching product:

    1. Combined with TAIYITO end users’ software (IOS or Android system smartphone or Ipad) to realize long distance control of manipulator.

    2. Combined with TDWZ6406 colorful programming wall mounting centralized controller can realized centralized scene control function.

    3. Combined with TDWZ6626 identify encryption type voice telephone remote controller to realize telephone control function.

    4. Combined with TDWZ6617 web remote controller service to realize web remote control function.

    Insallation: (Note: Be sure to do networking before installation. )

    Only need install TDZ4462M  120manipulator switch to reserved 120 style standard junction box, it will be ok. (null wire and fire wire must be reserved in the junction box). 12V power wires of TDZ4462M  120manipulator switch link the power wire of manipulator nearby.

    Brief introduction of the function:

    If you install this product, you can realize following functions:

    1> You can control ON/OFF the pipeline manipulator connected manipulator switch by TAIYITO intelligent user end (IOS/android smartphone, PAD) at any point in your home.

    2> When you come to the switch without remote controller, you can ON/OFF pipeline valve though manipulator switch as normal.

    If when you are on the way of trip or business, suddenly remember the pipeline valve need to close, at that time, you can make a call to make it.

    3> This touch screen switch also can be set in scene control. For example, as soon as the gas sensor raise alarm, though TAIYITO scene controller, can let manipulator close automatically.

    4> Timing control. Such as: to realize the pipeline manipulator OFF automatically at night to make your house safe .


    1. All metal drawing quality feeling, multiple-color and personalised design, you can change icons according to your different rooms and lightings.

    2. Colorful background remind you lighting design, full of science and fashion.

    3. Easy installation and construction, only null fire, fire wire to connect the power line of switch is ok.

    4. High communication speed rate, strong ability of networking and bi-directional communication.

    5. Wide voltage power supply mode, which can better meet all of customers’ power supply usage habits from the different countries and different areas of the world.

    6. We provide different compatible interfaces as well, such as dry contact, RS458 for that our ZigBEE system is able to integrate with other systems. And it can do network quickly and realize lights, appliances intelligent controlling.

    Circuit Diagram:

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Relevant parameter:

    Zigbee protocol: IEEE802.15.4

    Receiving and sending frequency: 2.4GHZ

    Supply Voltage: AC 95-240V;50-60Hz

    Acceptable data interface: RS485;dry contact ;ZigBEE ect.

    Size : front panel:   120x74x12mm;  back panel:41x69x23mm

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