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    ZigBEE Receiver/Transmitter Module+

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    ZigBEE Receiver/Transmitter Module+The characteristics and technical parameters:IC :      TI  company    CC2530Size:   15mm*24.9mmCommunication frequency:Global free

    1. Detailed information

    ZigBEE Receiver/Transmitter Module+

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    The characteristics and technical parameters:

    1. IC :      TI  company    CC2530

    2. Size:   15mm*24.9mm

    3. Communication frequency:Global free frequencies 2.4 G. It can be divided into 16 channels andaccept custom.

    4. Protocol stack: IEEE802.15.4. ZigBeePRO is professional version of the protocol stack. Network management functions more powerful.

    5. Excellent ability of network topology: Have network self-healing capability. For star, tree, mesh network structure.

    6. Comprehensive Functions: Manual intervention of ad-hoc network, network and network only one key operation, easy integration. It can accept custom.

    7. Data transfer mode: Asynchronous serial port of transparent transmission.

    8. Baud rate:9600. Others can be customizable

    9. Low power dissipation: Adjustable output power. It can customize special.

    10. Low-cost:ZigBEE agreement is from the patent fee and greatly reduce the cost. Follow the quantitative basis for customers, we will have a good discount.

    11. P2P distance:   1Km

    12. Receive sensitivity:   -116dbm

    13. Input voltage:   3.3V

    14. Current communication:   160mA

    15. Quiescent current:   0.4mA

    16. Large capacity of the network: All nodes can support up to 65000.

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