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    TDX6619-BD-41. Basics1.1 Video Intercom: 2-way audio intercom1.2 Unlock: Enter by ID card / key Fob / remote control.1.3 Monitor: Monitoring outdoor environment thought the camera of outdoor station1.

    1. Detailed information



    TDX6619-BD-4  Installation diagram.jpg

    1. Basics

    1.1 Video Intercom: 2-way audio intercom

    1.2 Unlock: Enter by ID card / key Fob / remote control.

    1.3 Monitor: Monitoring outdoor environment thought the camera of outdoor station

    1.4 Upgrade Software Automatically  

    It updates outdoor station to use the latest software version automatically. 

    2. Operation  

    2.1 Home Page

    Using the touch screen

    The controls on the touch screen change dynamically to suit the task at hand.                                                            


    2.2 Video Intercom

    Make a Call 

    · Tap “Visitor Call” in Home Page (as Figure 1). 

    Enter a room number on the keypad and it will make a call. 

    · Tap keypad and enter the number, then tap OK. Tap “*” if you make a mistake or want to hang up when you are on a call.

    · When household unlock the door, the screen will show “The gate is unlocked” .


    The Room Number (Call indoor units from Gate Station):

     Area No.(2 digits)+Building No.(2 digits) + Unit No.(2 digits) + Room No.(4 digits)

    · Call “Room401, Unit2, Building3, Area1”:  Input “0103020401”

    · Call indoor units by outdoor station: Call Room 302:  Enter “302” or “0302”

    2.3 Call Management Center

    · Tap “Call Center” in Home Page (as Figure 1). 

    Enter a number “1000”on the keypad and it will make a call. 

    3. System Setting 

    This system setting must be operated by a professional engineering and technical personnel! Do not set by users!

    Setting option: Programming Password, Unlock Password (public unlocking), Setting room numbers, Settings standby parameter, Unlock, Unlock delay

    3.1 Setting Room Number

    · Room number Sequence: 

     Room number is for 13 digits. The first number is for the machine properties  

     (“ 1 ” for indoor unit, “ 2 ” for outdoor station).

    · Room Number: Property No.(1 digit)+ Area No.(2 digits)+Building No.(2 digits) + Unit No.(2 digits) + Floor No.(2 digits)+ Room No.(2 digits)+ Indoor Units No.(2 digits)

    3.2 Setting Outdoor Station  

    Manager mode:

    Tap “ * ” into entering number pane.                                                                                                                                                                                                           图片2.png                 

      Figure 2   The UI of entering number into Manager Mode 

    · Enter Manager Password (Initial password : 666666 ). 

    · If the password is correct, it will go into Setting Pane. 

    · Setting Information: Unlock Password, Authority, Volume Setting, Admin Password, Address Setting, Restore, Card Manage, System Information, Date Setting, Language Setting, Sensor Setting, etc. 

    · Tap “ * ” to exit the setting. Tap “ 4 ” and “ 6 ” to scroll, then tap “ # “ to confirm. Details as below:  


     Figure 3   The option of Unlock Password in Manager Mode            


    Figure 4   The option of Authority in Manager Mode 


    Figure 5   The option of Volume Setting in Manager Mode    


    Figure 6   The option of Admin Password in Manager Mode 


     Figure 7   The option of Address Setting in Manager Mode 


    Figure 8   The option of Restore in Manager Mode 


    Figure 9   The option of Card Manage in Manager Mode


     Figure 10   The option of System Information in Manager Mode  


    Figure 11   The option of Date Setting in Manager Mode 


     Figure 12   The option of Language Setting in Manager Mode  


     Figure 13   The option of Sensor Setting in Manager Mode 

     3.3 Authority   


     Figure 14   The operation of Authority

    · Three options : Disable, Enable Public Password, Enable User’s Password 

    · Disable : Choose it and the outdoor station will not need unlock password.

    · Enable Public Password : Tap it to set Public Unlock Password and Kidnapped 

     Password for Unlock ( Initial Public Unlock Password: 012345, Initial Kidnapped 

     Password for unlock is 543210 )

    · Enable User’s Password : No options.

    3.4 Unlock Password     


    · Tap “ Unlock Password ” and enter Admin Password ( Initial Admin Password 

     is “ 666666 ”) . Then enter any 6 digit public unlock password. Note: Do not be the  

     same with Admin Password.

    · Enter “ # ” + “ Public Unlock Password ”+ “ # ” to unlock.

    · Enter “ # ” + “ the reverse sequence of Public Unlock Password ”+ “ # ” to unlock, 

     while sending the signal of being kidnapped to management center automatically.

    · Enter  “ * ” + “ Room Number(such as 101) ”+ “ # ” + “ User’s Unlock Password ” 

     to unlock.

    3.5 Volume Setting        


     Figure 16   The operation of Volume Setting

    · Tap “ 0 ” and “ 1 ” to choose the types of Volume, advertisement volume and ring volume.

    · Tap “ 4 ” to volume up and “ 6 ” to volume down.

    · Tap “ # ” to confirm and “ * ” to exit.     

     3.6 Unlock Setting        


    Figure 17   The operation of Unlock Setting

    · Unlock ( Vih ), the range of unlock latency is 1-150 seconds. The unlock delay time

     can be set by engineering requirement. Failure for setting when the time is set for 

     0 second or nothing.

    · Choose “ Power Off Lock ” ( Vih ) and the unlock delay time is 10 seconds.

    3.7 Sensor Setting 


    Figure 18   The operation of Sensor Setting  

    · Tap “ 0 ” to “Disable Sensor” and “ 1 ” to “ Enabled Sensor ”. The range of unlock 

     Delay time is 0-99 seconds. Failure for setting when the time is set for 0 second or 


    · Sensor disable in original state.

    · Enabled Sensor and the unlock delay time is 30 seconds.

    · When Sensor is triggered in enabled status and lock is open over 30 seconds, it will 

     report an alarm signal to Management Center. Cancel an alarm after unlocking. 


    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    4. Technical Parameter

    Screen:4.3” TFT LCD (Color)  

    Resolution Ratio:480×272

    Ringtone:Electronic bell ≥70dB

    Power Supply:DC 12V/2A  (Anti-disturbance power supply)

    Working Current:< 550mA  

    Working Temperature:-20ºC ~ +70ºC  

    Maximum Power Consumption:< 7W 

    Dimension:L ×W ×H mm 

    Installation:  Flush-mount ( for optional )

    5. Initial Code Chart

    Initial Password Chart

    ItemInitial CodeChanged Code

    Unlock Password of Outdoor Station 888888

    Engineering Password of Outdoor Station 66 6666

    Outdoor Station Kidnapped Unlock Password (Public Use)543210

    Unarmed Password of Indoor Unit 123456

    Kidnapped Unarmed Password for Users654321

    System Setting Password of Indoor Unit123456

    User’s Setting Password of Indoor Unit666666

    · RJ45 Cable port: Clipping crystal head with B class standard network connection. 

    · Power Socket-outlet: “+” for 12V,  “- ” for ground wire . 2P power outlet line (red, 

     black) behind it. Please follow the instruction.

    · CTL: Connect the normal open port of open button   

     GND: Ground,connect public port of open button 

     DET: Determiner, connect the lock lines,

    · The line ports of Lock signal:

       COM: Common

       NO : Normal Open

       NC : Normal Close

    · 485port: Connected with equipment which need for docking 485 signal docking,such as the elevator linkage

    · Note: The outdoor station is not connected to the lock directly.The rated current of outdoor station is 0.8A.

    Put a special power supply between the lock and outdoor station.

    Connect the lock to power supply with lock lines.                                                           




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