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    TDZ4406T Four Button 4-gang Lamp/Appliance Switch(out of stock)

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDZ4406T Four Button 4-gang Lamp/Appliance  Switch

    1. Detailed information

    TDZ4406T Four Button 4-gang Lamp/Appliance Switch


    Main Application and Function Control:

    It is used in bidirectional ZigBEE smart home system to receive wireless ZigBEE 2.4G control signals and can transmit related signals (e.g.: ON/OFF). It belongs to the controlled product. TDZ4406T Four Buttons 4-gang Lamp/Appliance Switch can be widely used with fluorescent lamp, light belt, non-dimmerable spotlight, energy saving lamp or exhaust fan, drinking fountain and other small-power appliances;of course, you can control incandescent lamp, but not dimming.

    Installation Position: 

    Put TDZ4406T Four Buttons 4-gang Lamp/Appliance Switch into the standard 86type cassette (the 86type cassette should reserve the Neutral Line, Lived line and light/appliance load line).


    Project Installation:

    Note:Connect and install it by the professional person as the wiring diafram. Power must be cut off before installation to prevent damage to person and products.

    The L-teminal(red bold wire) of switch connect with power live line; The N-terminal(black bold wire) connect with power Netural Line.

    The load line of light connected to the L1,L2,L3,L4

    The relative matching product:

    1. It works with TDWZ6406 color screen programmable wall mount centralized controller , which can control the lamp/home appliance through centralized & scene controller,etc.

    2. It combines with the TDWZ6617,TDWZ6616 and TDWZ6619 long-distance network controller, which can control the lamp/home appliance through bring long-distance network controller,etc.

    4406T 图.jpg

    Function description: 

    Below functions could be realized if you have installed our home automation products in your home.

    1. You can use your phone or ipad to turn on/off the lamp/electric appliances which you can control them in any direction at home, also you can check their working status. 

    2. Also you can come to the switch and control the lights on/off locally as usual if you donot have phone or ipad with you.

    3.Travel or on business, It can be controlled by a remote controller --- very fashion mode to control the lights on and off, so that like the owner of the home at home !

    4.this witch can also controlled by the scene switch : for example , when go to tilet at night , only you press "open" of  the scene switch  , which will open all the lights you go through to the toilet . when back to bedroom , close all lights by press the "off" of scene switch . 

    5. It can be timming .



    1. brushed metal quality feeling, multi-colored personalized design, according to your different rooms and different lighting, it can be changed any lettering.

    2. Colorful Back LED indicator , leading technology and stylish elegance;

    3. Each gang can load Normal lamp 300W at most, you can realize smart remote control to your appliance with the switch; 

    4. It control "on"or "off" for lights, also can accept scene command, such as “Room all on”, “Room all off” 

    5. Installation is very simple, just need reserve Neutral line , Live line, and 4pcs Load line.

    6. High speed bidirectional ZigBEE signal transmission with feedback function & powerful networking function; 

    7. Wide voltage power supply mode, it can meet different power usage requirements.

    8.We provide different compatible interfaces as well, such as dry contact, RS458. So that our ZigBEE system is able to integrate with other systems. And it can do network quickly and realize lights, appliances intelligent controlling


    ZigBEE Protocol:IEEE 802.15.4

    Wireless Transmission Frequency:2.4GHz

    Voltage: AC 95-240V;50-60Hz

    Data interface:RS485,dry contact,ZigBEE

    Output Power:Four gang output, 300W per gang. LED:30W per gang 

    Dimension: Front Panel: 86x86x5mm; Back Panel:52x49x26mm


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