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    (IOS,Android)Zigbee Touch Screen Multi-Function Remote Controller(Software)

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    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)

    TDWZ6672     Zigbee Touchscreen Multi-Function Remote Controller  Main used and control function:It used in bidirectional ZIGBEE system, wireless RF and IR multi-function mixed con

    1. Detailed information
    TDWZ6672     Zigbee Touchscreen Multi-Function Remote Controller

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd
    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Main used and control function:
    It used in bidirectional ZIGBEE system, wireless RF and IR multi-function mixed control product.It can control intelligent electrical lamps/appliance, curtain,door lock, television or DVD, AC by infrared, and security system etc. It also can control the Electric Clothes Airer, Window Opener and the Ground heating.

    The relative matching product:
    It combine with Tianjin Taiyito TDWZ6000S coordinator of Zigbee system, and the switch controller, such as lights switch, appliances switch, air-condition switch, fingerprint lock switch, electric curtain switch, airer switch, electric window switch, floor heating switch, and then it can bring the controlling function of remote control and scene.

    It can lay up at random according to your custom and demand, if you want to lay it up in the bed room, you can lay up the head of the bed, if you want to lay it up the living room, you can lay it up the tea table and so on

    Brief introduction of the function:
    1.Touching -Screen Function: Only need to slightly press on screen, you can follow the indication to control lamp/appliance, very easy and simple for using!
    2.Remote control function: suppose you only have one remote controller, but you can control lamp,curtain, air conditioner and other appliance like controling TV,DVD. Is it possible? Of course if you have this big colorful touching screen remote controller, you can touching control lamps,water heater, curtain, air conditioner,fingerprinter door lock,electric curtain,electric clothes hanger and other Infrared electric appliance upstairs downstairs in your house. No need to change any other IR controller
    3.Scene control function: Touch scene button,you can realize “receiving guest” “having meals” “having a rest” “music etc.16 different kind of turn on/off scenes.
    4.Bidirectional communication, working status with feedback: Taiyito this kind of super touching-screen colorful remote controller have so many control and checking function, you can sit in your living room and touch “check” button, then to check the water heater in the bathroom, and also you can turn it on/off, and the feedback will display in the screen.
    5. Rechargeable function: Big capacity rechargeable lithium battery, you can use it for a long time, save time, save energy, save money! Only one remote controller, you can control all the lamps/appliance in your home!
    6.Simple using: Only need to touch, totally change the traditional method to memorize the “room code and address code

    1. Metal drawbench, Fashionable Texture, various color, individual design, and you can change the icon at random.
    2 Big colorful touching-screen, Intuitive interface, easy operation. If you want to control the room which you would like to control , (e.g. dining room ) ,you directly press the key “ on or off” from the controller, and then you can turn on/off the lights and appliances of the dining room. The complicated forgetful old operation system, which you must input the room code and address code and then you can control the appliances, completely eliminated.
    3 Touching-screen design, easy operation, you can enjoy the happiness from the technology and the intelligent.
    4 it can to be as the photo album, when you operate it you also can enjoy the life.
    5 it can charge and fit out the charger.

    ZigBEE Protocol:802.15.4
    Wireless Transmission Frequency:2.4GHz
    Receive/send siganl: ZigBEE 2.4GHz, IR
    Voltage: DC 5V
    Working Current:450mA
    Dimension: 162x106x18mm


    Connection instruction drawing:

    Note: more detail and operations please find in manual.

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