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    TDZ4472T Double Button 2-gang Curtain Switch (with TDX4470)

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDZ4472T Double Button 2-gang Curtain  Switch (with TDX4470)

    1. Detailed information

    TDZ4472T Double Button 2-gang Curtain  Switch (with TDX4470)

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd

    Main used and control function:

    It used in bidirectional ZIGBEE system, it can receive the wireless 2.4G control signal and transmit related signal,It is send local control signals of ON and OFF.It is controlled product,connect with electric Motor together through RF to realize curtain turn on and off.It can connect to two electric curtain motor.

    Matching products:

    It can work with TDWZ6406( ZigBee LED Color Touch Screen Wall Mount Central Controller) , so you can realize Centralized control and Scene control to the appliance which the Lighting/appliance switch connect; also you can rezlize the timing control to the appliance or scene. 

    Combined with TDWZ6617 (Zigbee Network Service Controller),  you can achieve Network Remote control to the appliance which the  Lighting/appliance switch connect;

    Combined with TDWZ6619 (Intelligent Home Digital Indoor Gateway),  you can achieve Network Remote control to the appliance which the  Lighting/appliance switch connect;

    Combined with TDWZ6616 (MiNi - Zigbee Network Service Controller), you can achieve Network Remote control to the appliance which the  Lighting/appliance switch connect; 

    Function Description:

    After you install these products, you will achieve the following functions:

    1. You can control the curtains/roller blinds remotely in any location at home with APP on the smart phone or Pad, and also it has the "Inquery" function.

    2. You can also control ON/OFF of the curtains/roller blinds by the local switch on the wall if you do not carry the phone/pad .

    3. If you are on the way home,you can open/close the curtains prematurely by APP on the smart phone or Pad.

    4. If you are in a business trip or outside, the curtains/roller blinds can be controlled by a remote network controller and APP on the smart phone or Pad , a fashional control mode.

    5. The smart switch can also accept scene control. For example: just by pressing one button on the scene switch, you can open the TV&curtains&appliances at the same time.

    6. It can accept the "Timing On/Off" function.

    7. The transformation of "on/off" on the touch panel will remind you the work status of curtains.

    Insallation: (Note: Be sure to do networking before installation. )

    It was installed in the standard 86type wire-box ((But the standard 86 type 86 -style junction box must have the null wire and the fire wire) which exist the circuit you want to control the automatic curtain.

    It normally install the left or right of the window, in order to power the curtain motor ,the standard 86 -style junction box (or touching-switch ) need to be reserved, there is the standard 86-style junction box A which junct the curtain motor directly need reserve three wire from the roof down 20~30cm ; there is the standard 86 style junction box B which is as the local switch need reserve five wire( three wire for curtain motor and others for 220V power wire) from the ground 1.3~1.5m. The three wire is as the controlled wire junct between the standard 86 style junction box A and B.

    NOTICE: When matching with TDX4470L Motor, it can not up to two motors within 4㎡

    Tianjin TAIYITO Technology Co., Ltd 接线图.png

    Note:Connect and install it by the professional person as the wiring diafram. Power must be cut off before installation to prevent damage to person and products.

    The L-teminal(red bold wire) of switch connect with power live line; The N-terminal(black bold wire) connect with power Netural Line.

    Feature : 

    1. Metal drawbench frame, Fashionable Texture, various color, individual design, and provide six color switch according to your decoration styles.

    2. The design of colorful background prompt lights bring more the sense of the fashion, science and technology.

    3. Have the function for all on/off, for example, you can turn on all the lamps in the bedroom or turn them all off.

    4. Easy installation , there is only need Live & Neutral wire in the standard 86type junction box.

    5. Higher communication rate, more powerful networking, bidirectional communication.

    6. Wide voltage power supply mode, which can meet all of customer demand from the different country, different area.

    7.We provide different compatible interfaces for OEM manufacturer as well, such as dry contact, RS485. So that our ZigBEE system is able to integrate with other systems. And it can do network quickly and realize lights, appliances intelligent controlling.



    ZigBEE Protocol:IEEE 802.15.4

    Wireless Transmission Frequency:2.4GHz

    Voltage: AC 95-240V;50-60Hz

    Data interface:RS485,dry contact,ZigBEE

    Output Power:80W per gang

    Dimension: Front Panel:86x86x7mm; Back Panel: 65x69x28mm  

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