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    TDXG350FPCML Fingerprint door lock

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDXG350FPCMLMain used and control function:It is controlled product, can be use in ZigBee systems, accept different control ways, such as remote control, web control etc, and of course it also can wor

    1. Detailed information



    Main used and control function:

    It is controlled product, can be use in ZigBee systems, accept different control ways, such as remote control, web control etc, and of course it also can work independently.

    Can fixed with burglarproof door, wooden door, office door etc, have four ways to open the lock, remote control, password control, fingerprint control and the key.

    Have the normally door set open function, press"#"button after unlocking,  it will be always open.  if you want to lock the door, in the door just press“*”button, the door is closed.


    Compatible with various type of the door, very easy and convenient for you to install it on the new door or old one, suitable for home, office, commercial building, hotel etc


    Matching products:

    This product is an essential condition to help you realize the function that fingerprint lock to be controlled under the whole smart home automation system combined with some relevant products such as the fingerprint lock switch TDZ4488M. In this way, it can receive and executive the order from remote control.

    Smart phone, Pad remote control: When you receive a visit from your good friends or your families come home, you just need to flick an open switch which has been set up already on you smart phone or Ipad if you are busy with something else just like cooking, washing and so on, then the door will open automatically which saves your time or troubles. Other conditions such as your relatives or friends come to visit you when you are on a business trip, an important document need to be fetched when you are out of office and even some other emergencies in which you cannot come in time can be solved with this product. You just only need to dial a phone call and input the lock code, the door will open automatically


    Function description:

    1..Telephone long distance control: when you are outside your friends come to see you; if very important files outside the office when you are not in; at this very moment, just make a call, the door will be open

    2、Smart phone or PAD remote control unlocking:  you relax in the room when  a visitor come, you want to open the door, and you do not want to get up and ran to open the door, you can press a button on the remote control and make guests  to enter.

    3、A variety of unlock functions: The lock consists of four unlocking system components ,  fingerprint, remote control door, the password or traditional keys to open the door on the based of the user's habits ,  the high-tech to bring you the fun started.

    Super safety: bolt made of stainless steel, tamper, anti-saw, cut-resistant; it can setting 6 password for household, it made of 6-15 bit number for every password ,modify or  delete it any time , as well as up to 200 million group coded cylinder backing, Trinity efforts to protect your property 

    4、Smart Lock is made by 100 thousand free wear motor mechanism and Electronic Processing  Platform whose core is scalable computer chip, ensuring  a stable, durable lock system. 

    5.Widely applicable:Whether you're a regular user or enterprises and institutions for very strict security requirements , or you are elderly or children,you can  open the digital lock in a relaxed open, security, freedom of mind.


    1.Just press one button can open the door by a remote controller, also have the passwords and tradition key to open the door1.Just press one button can open the door by a remote controller, also have the passwords and tradition key to open the door

    2.Can set up with 12 remote controllers, and have 6 different passwords by 6-15 numbers combination.

    3.Set the numeral ciphers through rolling by remote controller, can open hundreds of locks.

    4.Adopts US Microchip Company Keelop technology HCS301 chip, thereby assures of the stabilization and security of quality.

    5.The remote password scroll codec, which consists of 4.3 billion set of nonlinear password and can be opened for 18 years.

    6.Setting and delete is controlled by the management of the total code, with additional remote controller and password library inquiry.

    7.Unlocking by radio format in full range, you can sit in the house or office to remote unlocking.

    8.Equipped with alarm functions, if wrong password by three times, the system will alarm and shut down.

    9.ultra-low power, 150uA power radio, receive signal in the metal shell normally.

    10.Lack-voltage alarm

    11.Zinc magnesium alloy inner vessel , the main pieces of steel, environmental protection ABS decorative panels, all-in-one, high-strength wear-resistant,not easy to develop oxidation |and colour fade .

    12.Discrimination living updated algorithm automatically .

    13.Common design:  Regardless left or right, regardless inside and outside, any door thickness, it suitable for various sizes lock body; 

    14.It easy to install, easy to operate;

    15.Two-way clutch, left and right interchangeable; 

    16.Separate clutch with the lock, jam-free open no blind spots

    17.Advanced design,smart devices,automatically locked

    18.Military industrial design with free handle,strong ability to resist violent destruction

    19.4 batteries,more than 1 year of average service life

    20.Independent linear elastic telescopic motor,automatic control,Would not fail because of the friction


    Packing size:435mm*310mm*135mm


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