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    TDX7824 Network Camera

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDX7824   Network Camera

    1. Detailed information

    TDX7824   Network Camera


    Main Function:

    TDXWS7824 WiFi Megapixels HD IP Camera (indoor) is applicable to villa courtyard, underground garage, corridor and other environment of dark lightness or no light, which require high-definition picture. Directly configuration the WiFi camera with your home router, then you can get high-definition picture in our APP (TYTSmart), so as to achieve the integration of intelligent monitoring and smarthome control. By the way, this camera can also be used independently without the smart home system.


    1: Can directly see the monitoring screen in the APP (TYTSmart).

    2: Support 3G, and remote viewing capabilities. No matter where you are, you can easily click on the APP (TYTSmart) to retrieve the monitoring image. 

    Installation site:

    This camera is usually for indoor installation. meanwhile, a normal socket 86 need to be reserved and the camera is contained with power adapt itself.

    Generally, you can catch the photo by connecting the camera with WIFI, but if you want higher quality photo, then you need to make the camera to be connected with the router by Ethernet cable, so the network cable should be reserved for the installation.

    Supporting the use of products:

    1: In the Taiyitong smart home system, after installed the router ,it can realize to view the image on TYTSmart with the network remote controller TDWZ-6617, TDWZ-6616,TDWZ-6619

    2: The camera supports Micro SD card (32G) local storage, if you have a higher demand for image storage, it can match with TDX7616N NVR network hard disk video recorder to achieve high-capacity storage needs.

    3: For using independently. after installing the router, you only need to install the camera software.



    1: The maximum resolution can be 720p, and can put out the real-time image output in this resolution;

    2: Scan CMOS progressively, and capture moving images without jagged;

    3: Support Micro SD/ SDHC card(32G) local storage

    4: Dual filter automatic switch, 12pcs of 850nm infrared light, night vision can be 10 meters, to realize the true "day and night surveillance";

    5.Support PIR

    6.Using software limit, preset position more precise , PTZ failure rate is low

    7.Support Wi-Fi function

    8.Built-in microphone and speaker, two-way audio support

    9.Support backlight compensation, digital noise reduction

    10.Integrated bracket, easy to install

    11.Support dual-stream and mobile phone monitoring

    12.Functions: Image overlay, anonymous access, IP address filtering, heartbeat, mirroring, one-key recovery and so on

    13.Stylish, simple and elegant, high reliability


    1、Working temperature:-20°C ~ 70°C

    2、Working humidity: 10% ~ 90%

    3、Packing size:180mm x 140mm x 150mm


    5.Be installed indoor

    6.Frames per second:320 x 240 resolution of 25 frames; 640 x 480 resolution of 15 frames

    7.MJPEG image compression method

    8. With functions of Cloud control ( 80degrees up and down, 355 degrees from left to right)

    9. Network support agreement: TCP/IP,HTTP,TCP,UDP,SMTP,FTP,DHCP,DNS,DDNS,NTP,UPnP,RTSP,P2P, onvif


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