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    TDX7815 Network Camera(Outside)

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TDX7815  Infrared tube type network camera(Outside)

    1. Detailed information

    TDX7815  Network Camera(Outside)

    IP Camera--PNG500.png

    Main applications:

    TDXWS7815  WiFi Megapixels HD IP camera (outdoor)   Suitable for villa courtyard, underground garage, porch corridor etc., such like the places are darkness or no-light environments but HD quality and performance is required. After the configuration you need to put the camera on Ethernet cable connected to the router. HD quality picture can be shown in TAIYITO TYTSmart,not only can do the integration with the monitoring image and smart home control,also the camera can be used independence in smart home system.

    outdoor camera.jpg

    Main functions:

    1. This camera can take monitor menu directly through TYTSmart software directly.

    2. 3G high-speed network and remote viewing function are supported,the users can monitor and control the menu through clicking the screen in TYTSmart software client anytime and anywhere.

    Installment site:

    Generally ,This camera need to be installed in outdoors or some place of weak light and a normal socket 86 need to be reserved and the camera is contained with power adapt pack.

    Because the camera need to link with the router with the netting line, the netting line should to be reserved in the installment site.

    Matching products:

    1. In TAIYITO smart home automation system, you can realize these functions which including checking and controlling the camera in TYTSmart client with the matching product such as the rooter, TDWZ-6617 or TDWZ-6616 or TDWZ-6619.

    2. This camera support local memory of Micro SD/ SDHC card (64G), but if you pursue mass storage, you can install a TDX7616N NVR net-hard disk video recorder to satisfy this demand.

    3. When used independently, you only need to install corresponding camera software.



    1: The maximum resolution can be 720p, and can put out the real-time image output in this resolution;

    2: Scan CMOS progressively, and capture moving images without jagged;

    3: Built-in TF card slot, support 64GTF card storage; Support alarm pre-recorded;

    4: Dual filter automatic switch, 30pcs of 850nmΦ infrared light, night vision can be 15 meters, to realise the true "day and night surveillance";

    5: Support PIR human detection;

    6: 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface;

    7: Support Wi-Fi function

    8: Built-in microphone and speaker, two-way audio support

    9: Support backlight compensation, digital noise reduction

    10: According to network bandwidth automatically to adjust the stream size and encoding frame rate

    11: Support dual-stream and mobile phone monitoring

    12: Functions: Image overlay, anonymous access, IP address filtering, heartbeat, mirroring, one-key recovery and so on

    13: Stylish, simple and elegant, high reliability

    14: Support RTP to ensure automatic time synchronization when the system restart 

    Correlation parameter :

    1、Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ :50°C

    2、 Operating humidity: 10% ~ 90%

    3、Size::165mm x 165mm x 85mm


    5、FPS: 320 x 240 resolution ratio 25 frame,640 x 480 resolution ratio 15 frame

    7、MJPEG Image compression method

    8、Set up motion detecting sensitivity , support alarm to record;


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