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    TAIYITO ZigBEE Home Automation System  --- Demo Package for Indoor Security

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TAIYITO ZigBEE Home Automation System --- Demo Package for SecurityAchieved Functions:Whether in daily life, working, shopping, or for leisure, security system is like a silent "bodyguard&qu

    1. Detailed information

    TAIYITO ZigBEE Home Automation System 

    --- Demo Package for Indoor Security


    Achieved Functions:

    Whether in daily life, working, shopping, or for leisure, security system is like a silent "bodyguard" guarding our personal and financial security.


    Package Products:

    1pc of ZigBEE gatewway

    1 pc of Smart Door Lock

    1 pc of ZigBEE Smart Door Lock Switch

    1 pc of CCTV Wi-Fi IP Camera

    1 pc of Security Mainframe

    1 pc of  Intelligent Infrared Detector

    1 pc of Smart Door Sensor 

    1 pc of ZigBEE Emergency Button



    1.The fingerprint smart door lock belongs to controlled product,which can receive the wireless 2.4G control signal and transmit related signal. It could be controlled remotely or by network. Or just used independently. It can be used in the security door, wooden door and other doors at your home or office. 

    (1) it has four function to unlock the door: remote control, password, fingerprint and key ; Also it has normally open function, press "#" key after lock, then the door would change to channel lock function. When the door is opening, you just need to press "*", it can be locked.

    (2)  High security: lock tongue is made bu stainless steel with anti-pry, anti-sawing and anti-cutting.  It has advanced intelligent fingerprint algorithm, acquisition than speed, recognition of high efficiency, safe and reliable; The user password is composed of 6-15 Numbers, let a person could only dream of; 4.3 billion groups of digital scroll yards, cast the myth of unable to decipher by remote control ; As well as the industry cannot open, up to 6 billion groups of coding technical lock behind it, the trinity to protect your property safety;

    (3) reliable performance: intelligent door lock motor is made by 100000 times without any abrasion mechanism and scalable computer chips (made by American micochip company) as the core of electronic processing platform, which is to ensure the door lock system is stable and durable;

    2.HD network cloud camera is suitable for high-definition indoor monitoring sites,such as homes, offices, etc.  The camera is connected directly through the WiFi router at your home. It could be shown by TAIYITO APP(TYTSmart ) , which can integrates the monitoring and smart home controlling, also can be used independently itself.

    3. Wireless infrared detector is using wireless transmission techniques, without wiring construction, which can save the cost of construction and pipeline greatly. However,it has the advantages of without wiring, easy installation, saving construction cost,etc. It is widely used in the occasion which is prevent scattered, inconvenient to do site wiring or the decoration has been done;

    4. Door magnetic embedded installation is getting more hidden, itcan induct the opening and closing of the doors and windows, and it applies to wooden or aluminum alloy doors and windows to get the signal cable of normally closed/open.

    5. Emergency button can not only be used in ZigBEE system, but also be applied independently, just need to connected with the alarm and then can form a simple alarm system.



    If you install these products, you will achieve the following functions:

    1. Smart lock have different unlock way: fingerprint, remote controller, password and keys , the user can choose different ways to open door lock ;

    2. With mobile phone or Pad remote control unlock: you can check any area installed the smart home products anytime and anywhere .when someone visit you , you can see who ring by the camera ,and open the lock on mobile and pad ;

    3.when you go out , a stranger into your house , the PIR sensor , door and window sensor will alarm by APP , the user can check by the remote camera in time ,in order to protect personal property ;

    4. Emergency button is an emergencydevice installed in many public areas, it is a fast and simple way to help .when a fire or emergency, you can trigger the button to request assistance; in security system, emergency button will send signal to management center ,and they will received alarming message . 



    1.Compatible with various type of the door, very easy and convenient for you to install it on the new door or old one, suitable for home, office, commercial building, hotel etc

    2.The camera is usually installed in indoor and other small areas, the installation needs to reserve ordinary 86 socket, camera comes with power adapter; In general, camera can be see the image through wifi.If you want better image, it need to connect with wire. 

    3.The installation of infrared detector need to refer the manual. 

    4.;Door sensor: Install the wireless transmitter and magnet block on door frames and doors (usually on the top and the top of the door), Notice: but keep in mind that the wireless transmitter and magnet block are aligned and parallel to each other at a pitch of not more than 15 mm ;

    5.Emergency button installed in a convenient place to access, easy to alarm.



    (1) All products above can be used in the ZigBEE system, and can also be used independently;

    (2) All products in the set can accept DIY assembling and installing.

    Demo Package for Security.jpg

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