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    TAIYITO ZIGBEE Home Automation System --- Demo Package of Background Music

    • No.: TYTVST(IOS) TYTSmart (Android)
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    TAIYITO ZIGBEE Home Automation System --- Demo Package of Background MusicAchieved Functions:Smart control of music, like one-key to get the scene song; Support WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBEE and other

    1. Detailed information

    TAIYITO ZIGBEE Home Automation System 

    --- Demo Package of Background Music

    background music.jpg


    Achieved Functions:

    Smart control of music, like one-key to get the scene song; Support WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBEE and other wireless communications; both local control and remote control.

    Package Devices:

    1 pc of Music Main Controller;

    1 pc of Music Branch;

    1 set of Ceiling Speakers (2pc-4 pc)


    There are various models of Music Main Controller, Music Branch and Ceiling Speakers (2pc-4 pc) for your reference.



    AV Multimedia controller: It is the core of intelligent video in the system, which adopts the newest digital power amplifier technology : the effects of high efficiency, high quality timbre and low heat, low distortion, and low noise. You may feel really relaxed by listening to the wonderful music while cooking, reading or chatting.  Also this background music system has the function of the morning wake up, sleep peacefully at night, it can help improve people's psychological mood, ensure the physiological health and increase work efficiency.


    AV Multimedia branch controller: 86 standard size, only need to reserve a 86 bottom box. It can be installed with the switch side by side, This fashion style product can be used in smart home system, it can be worked with the AV Multimedia controller, or just be used independently. Moreover, it have remote control function, etc.


    Ceiling type speakers (model WS - TBZ404) : With multiplex wiring, every room is personalized in the selection of the source and voice control and would let the music atmosphere more personalized in your family.


    RS485 interface background music module: zigbee system, two-way communication, it can realize APP control background music in smart home system, it is suitable for the AV Multimedia controller- TDXBM206;   220V, the Natural line and Live line need to reserved and the other side are connected with RS485 interface in the corresponding product (here means the background music on a host).

    Function Description

    If your home is installed with a background music system, it can realize the following function : 

    1.the background music system let music into our life ;

    3.it’s  helpful for learning and working ,it maybe enhance the efficiency of learning and working when play some music .

    4, background music can make people to relax physically and mentally, It is recommended not to sleep with earplugs, headset, you can use the sound, but the volume should not be too big.


    1,Before installation, background music set host aside 220V L&N wires,put the bottom box into the wall and metal pendant fixed in the bottom box.After connecting the wires, host has been installed into bottom box and hanged on the metal pendant.

    2,The way of installation for background music extension is as same as background music extension.

    3,Make an appropriate hole(diameter: about 135mm),connect with L&N wires.Put the ceiling speaker into the hole, and use metal clip to finish installation.

    4.Put the 485 module into the box of background music host, and connect L&N wires and 485interface.

    TDXBM 206.jpg

    --- Demo Package of Background Music

    background music demo kit.jpg

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